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Fast fashion talks about "being yourself" and "showing your personality". But it seems to me a bit absurd to be bragging about standing out while making million copies of the same dress.

Back in Florence, where I was studying fashion and trying to figure its labyrinths, I've realised that I want to go the other way. To create, not to copy, to craft, not to produce.

So when I started dreaming up Acuamona, I knew the direction it will take- a slow fashion label which dares you to wear yourself.

Wearing yourself is the guiding philosophy, which invites you to ignore this week's must haves, Instagram trends, celeb endorsements and go for something less ordinary. Bright, creative, daring. Or even: weird, quirky, unexpected.

You've got a beautiful self, now go ahead, wear it.

Simona, founder of Acuamona

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